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Friday, August 19, 2016

See the physical imaginatively for its full vitality

Thomas Moore's blog post today "Your Body is Not Physical" at Patheos continues his focus on the body, also the theme of his recent column "Angels and the Brain" in Spirituality & Health magazine. Today he says:
"I have a strong mother complex, which means that I look at the world and identify with its suffering. Accordingly, I write a book called Care of the Soul. Care is a maternal word. Thanks to the strong presence of the Great Mother, I became a psychotherapist, channeling my innate maternal nature into the work I do. I don’t look at the world plainly and directly, but through a deep set of images that I could call my own mythology, my own stories and memories that shape my approach to life.
I’m not saying that the world isn’t physically out there but that I can’t participate in it without my imagination coloring everything I see. It’s the same with my body and with the world of things.  All of it is both real and imaginal. The objects I encounter, whether they are people or the things of the natural world, are meaningful. I relate to them emotionally and understand them in the light of my particular imagination."
He urges, "It might be better simply to allow the world to be alive, of its own accord: To have a personal relationship with the things of the world. To suspend your disbelief in the world’s soul. To grant the things of the world their full vitality."

Another helpful, related article by Moore is "Reclaim Your Spiritual Growth" from Spirituality & Health, March-April 2014:
... I discovered that I had a body that was not just physical but one that manifested emotional pain and symptoms associated with meaning. Now when I see ancient paintings that depict the yogic “subtle body” — maps of human physiology that represent different planes of spiritual and emotional existence — I know what I’m looking at. I know from experience that I can get sick in my soul and in my spirit."

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Meaning, interiority, and poetics within the body

Spirituality & Health magazine shares Thomas Moore's column "Angels and the Brain" from the July-August 2016 issue. Moore laments the mechanistic metaphors we use to describe the human body: "The trouble with our contemporary metaphors is that we talk about ourselves as though we were machines or objects. Our metaphors betray the extent to which our very idea of ourselves has been affected by the influence of modern science, technology, and psychology."

After quoting the artist Edward Burne-Jones, "The more materialistic science becomes, the more angels shall I paint. Their wings are my protest in favor of the immortality of the soul," Moore concludes, "I’m going to follow Burne-Jones: every time I hear a mechanical metaphor, I’m going to speak the language of angels."

Monday, August 15, 2016

Watch Moore recommend the contemplative life

Contemplative Journal's new three-part video series with Thomas Moore is now available: The Contemplative Soul: Developing a More Soulful Life Using Contemplative Practices. Registration is US $29.99 either through PayPal or credit card.

Part I – Soul and Spirit in Contemplation
Moore introduces basic differences between spirit and soul as delineated in ancient texts, mentioned by Carl Jung and more prominently contrasted by James Hillman in his essay Peaks and Vales (1976). Moore talks about the soul value of home, a longing described by the Renaissance magus Marcilio Ficino (1433-1499). He keeps together our need for spirit and soul, suggesting we tend to neglect the latter in our daily lives. For Moore, contemplation is rooted in soul.

Part II – Practicing Dreamwork
Moore describes how paying attention to our night dreams can help us reach the depth needed "for a soul-oriented contemplative life." He is more focused on how a dream may influence the dreamer than on its interpretation or analysis. In this video Moore offers practical ways for us to capture our dreams so they may continue to nourish us.

Part III – A Contemplative Way of Life
In the final video Moore segues from dreams to art, since dream images also may appear in fine art (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, etc.) and we have an opportunity to allow the art to work on us, to seep into us. He talks about catharsis, nature and the value of solitude.

Bonuses with Registration
– 23-page PDF workbook that contains activities, questions and links to related online resources;
– Email access for one week from today to Thomas Moore to answer questions about the course. The specific email address is included with the first video.

The study platform includes a discussion area where participants may post topics of interest and contribute comments, and a listing of participants where you may introduce yourself.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Moore's The Soul of Christmas available for Kindle

The Kindle edition of Thomas Moore's new book, The Soul of Christmas, published by Franciscan Media, is available for US$7.58. Amazon shares the Table of Contents and a brief preview. The book version is out 30 September 2016 and may be ordered now.
From the Introduction,
A New Day for Spiritual Practices
"I will try in many ways here to say that Christmas is a natural rite connected with the passing of seasons and having certain emotional and spiritual qualities. It also has deep roots in the story of Jesus, which is not the same as political and historical Christianity. It's a story of human evolution and utopian vision. Think of Jesus not as the founder of a religion but as a visionary who understands that the transcendent and eternal play an essential role in our humanity."
File Size: 365 KB
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication Date: August 8, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
X-Ray: Not Enabled
Word Wise: Enabled
Lending: Not Enabled
Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled  

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Attend a Thomas Moore event near you in Oct.

Thomas Moore is on the road this October. Plan to meet him at one of his public appearances.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Friday 21 October 2016 Lecture
Saturday 22 October 2016 Workshop
Host: Jung Society of Utah

Seattle, Washington
Sunday 23 October 2016, 3:00 p.m. 
Care of the Soul in the 21st Century
Venue: Seattle Public Theater, 7312 W. Green Lake Dr N., Seattle WA 98103
Host: C. G. Jung Society, Seattle
General Admission: $40
Seattle Jung Society Members: $30

Monday 24 October 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Aging with Soul (Scroll down)
Venue: Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98122
Hosts: Seattle First Baptist Church and Elliott Bay Book Company
Admission: Free

Dallas, Texas
Friday and Saturday, October 28-29, 2016
Fifth Annual James Hillman Symposium —Alchemical Psychology
Venue: Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture,
2719 Routh Street, Dallas, Texas
Host: Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture
Earlybird pricing until 18 September 2016:
Non-members: $75
Members $65
Member Teachers $25
Students $15

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Listen to Moore podcast, August 25 at 2:00 EDT

On 25 August 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EDT Janet Conner interviews Thomas Moore on UnityFM. This episode of The Soul-Directed Life focuses on Moore's new book, GOSPEL: The Book of Matthew.

Conner writes, "Thomas Moore has always written extraordinary books like Care of the Soul. His newest is the most extraordinary. It is a radical new translation of the Gospel of Matthew stripped of all the theological agendas, religious moralism, and dogma added over the centuries. I’m on fire to read this book and speak with Thomas Moore on The Soul-Directed Life. When we read Matthew with clear eyes, will we see our ‘sun’ our ‘son’?"

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Register for James Hillman Symposium in Dallas

Earlybird registration is now open for the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture's 2016 James Hillman Symposium: Alchemical Psychology to be held Friday 28 October 28 and Saturday 29 October, 2016. Earlybird registration ends September 18, 2016. The program is is Friday: 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thomas Moore, Fellow of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, is a featured speaker.
“It is not the literal return to alchemy that is necessary but a restoration of the alchemical mode of imagining. For in that mode we restore matter to our speech — and that is our aim: the restoration of imaginative matter, not of literal alchemy." — James Hillman, Alchemical Psychology
Earlybird registration:
Members ............... $65
Non-members ....... $75
Member Teachers... $25
Students ................ $15
All tickets include Friday dinner, Saturday continental breakfast, lunch, and closing reception.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Learn from Moore's current online offerings

1. Video course
Register for this 3-part video series hosted by Contemplative Journal: The Contemplative Soul, starting 15 August 2016. Cost is $29.99. Get a 15% discount if you join by tomorrow. This course includes a downloadable workbook and email access to Thomas Moore for one week after launch.
Discount code: TMoore15

Soulful Contemplation: The Basics
It’s important to tap into the soul when practicing the contemplative life, and Moore will explore the basics of the soul in video one.

Practicing Dream & Art
A practice of dream work can help one reach the level of depth needed for a soul-oriented contemplative life. Closely related are the images of art. Moore will unpack these concepts in his second video.

A Contemplative Way of Life
Contemplative practices are one thing, but a seriously contemplative way of life is another. Moore breaks down tangible, everyday contemplative practices to deepen one’s soulful life.

2. Podcast interview
Scroll down KPFK Public Radio Online Archives for Layla Ashley's The Inspire Me Show to listen to her interview with Thomas Moore.
Part 1 July 21 47 minutes
Part 2 July 28 34 minutes (Moore mentions his new book, Aging with Soul (St. Martin's Press, 2017).

3. Video conversation
Watch Thomas Moore with Elizabeth Lesser talk about Meeting Fear with Love, from 13 July 2016 at Omega Institute. This recording will be available until 11 Oct. 2016. Free registration is an option. The session is approximately 1.5 hours and ends with an audience Q&A.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Explore online James Hillman's therapy of ideas

Thomas Moore participates in Pacifica Graduate Institute's online program, James Hillman and a Therapy of Ideas curated by Jennifer Selig. It is limited to 15 registrants.

“My goal is to create a therapy of ideas, to try to bring in new ideas, so that we can see the same old patterns differently.”  
James Hillman  

The inaugural series includes:
1. Introduction: A Therapy of Ideas Glen Slater, PhD
2. Psychotherapy Joseph Coppin, PhD
3. War Ipek S. Burnett, PhD
4. Psyche and Eros Safron Rossi, PhD
5. Dreams Stephen Aizenstat, PhD
6. Psychology and Religion Thomas Moore, PhD

Twelve Week Program (Six Weeks Online)
August 29 – November 20, 2016
$475 General Admission
$425 Special Admission
(Full-time Students, Pacifica Alumni, Seniors)
$395 Active Pacifica Students

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Moore encourages everyone to become bigger

During the panel discussion Meeting Fear with Love Wednesday night at Omega Institute, Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Lesser answer a question about humility and leadership. Moore's response addresses the need for everyone, not just leaders, to become bigger people. He encourages everyone to become bigger in vision, imagination and community participation. He suggests the only way to be humble is to be big. Anything else is going to be a defense against bigness. "If your humility is a defense, anxiety about being big is not real."

This echoes Moore's recent Patheos blog, "Circling" about Emerson's essay:
"Emerson sees the circling in life as an opportunity to bounce to another circle, transcending the self of the first circle. Not growth, but a leap to another sphere, a different circle, not going up a graded stairway to heaven but catapulting across to a new world. The difference is crucial. Here are his words [emphasis added]:  “The heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses it already tends outward with a vast force and to immense and innumerable expansions.” 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Register now for Moore's 3-part video course

Contemplative Journal adds payment by credit card to its PayPal option for its 3-part video course through Ruzuku with Thomas Moore. This on-demand course, The Contemplative Soul: Developing a More Soulful Life using Contemplative Practices, is available Monday 15 August, 2016. The description includes two bonuses with the course:
— A downloadable workbook will accompany the video series.
— Thomas Moore will personally answer your questions via email for one week after the launch of the video series.

Watch yesterday's short video of Moore describing the course on Contemplative Journal's Facebook page.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Moore high on list of spiritually influential leaders

Contemplative Journal reminds us that Thomas Moore is number 27 on Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2016. Moore moves up the list one spot from number 28 in 2015. In 2014 he was number 85.

Three main criteria for inclusion are:
1) The person has to be alive as of January 1st, 2016;
2) The person has made a unique and spiritual contribution on a global scale;
3) The person is frequently searched and actively talked about on the Internet.

Moore offers a 3-part online video course with Contemplative Journal starting 15 August 2016: The Contemplative Soul: Developing a More Soulful Life Using Contemplative Practices. Register now.
Cost: $29.99 US
A downloadable workbook will accompany the video series.
Thomas Moore will personally answer participants' questions via email for one week after the launch of the video series.

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

The soul "expands another orbit on the great deep"

Thomas Moore writes "Circling" for his Soul & Spirit blog at Patheos in which he talks about Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay Circles (1841).

Moore writes, "We live in circles, even if we prefer the illusion that we are a series of straight lines. Evolution, personal and social, is a stone falling into a still lake. Sometimes the circle feels as if we are chasing our tail, what the old magus called uroboros, the snake that eats its tail. It’s frustrating because, believers in straight lines, we think we’re getting nowhere. But read Emerson’s essay. Circling is the path to self-discovery."

Moore shares:
"I also remember my dear friend James Hillman who always recommended staying with or in the circumstances that are difficult, instead of trying to find a way out of them. He didn’t mean to surrender or succumb but to find a way through life’s challenge. Then you are not escaping or denying or avoiding.

Often, when I mention the beauty of circling, someone will say, “I’m all right with spirals.” Well, of course. Spirals get you somewhere. They are straight lines with circles around them. But they are not circles." 
Moore states, "The feeling of being stuck and going around in a circle may be maddening but it’s the perfect preparation for the kind of advancement that Emerson describes. All right, it’s not really advancement and yet it is a positive development." This positive development is transformation.
"The life of man is a self-evolving circle, which, from a ring imperceptibly small, rushes on all sides outwards to new and larger circles, and that without end. The extent to which this generation of circles, wheel without wheel, will go, depends on the force or truth of the individual soul. For it is the inert effort of each thought, having formed itself into a circular wave of circumstance, as for instance an empire, rules of an art, a local usage, a religious rite, to heap itself on that ridge and to solidify and hem in the life. But if the soul is quick and strong it bursts over that boundary on all sides and expands another orbit on the great deep, which also runs up into a high wave, with attempt again to stop and to bind. But the heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses it already tends outward with a vast force and to immense and innumerable expansions." 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Circles

Free registration for Moore's video event at Omega

During Thomas Moore's retreat week program at Omega Institute, he'll participate in a Livestream presentation, Meeting Fear with Love with Omega co-founder Elizbether Lesser on Wednesday 13 July, 2016. You may register for FREE access to this online video event and will receive notification and a reminder via email.

NOTE: This page states start time is 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
Course: WB16E
Teachers: Thomas Moore, Elizabeth Lesser

"Join best-selling author of Care of the Soul Thomas Moore and Omega co-founder Elizabeth Lesser for a discussion on how we each can harness the power of love to cut through the paralysis of fear — both personal fear and the collective fear that is so present in today's world."

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Listen to podcast of 4 July interview with Moore

Listen to the podcast of Layla Ashley interviewing Thomas Moore on 4 July 2016 for The Inspire Me Show. In this 57-minute audio recording Moore talks about imagination, mystery, the ordinarily sacred, technology, soul and his translation of GOSPEL The Book of Matthew. He also shares themes in his future book, Aging with Soul (St. Martin's Press) to be released next year.

This program is made available through KPFK Public Radio – Online Archives for a limited time.

Find a deep place within, calmer and full of vitality

Copper Beech Institute updates information about Thomas Moore's weekend retreat Tapping into the Soul’s Depths: Finding Personal Strength, Inner Guidance and Purpose Through Soulful Living from Friday 11 November to Sunday 13 November, 2016. Tuition is $250 US plus accommodations.
 The retreat description includes:
"We will explore three key benefits of a soulful life: inner guidance, confidence, and a soulful lifestyle. You will get a fresh, new, soul-centered angle on life as well as the tools to work out obstacles from the past like childhood conflicts, negative religious influences and feelings of personal inadequacy." 
IDEAL for all levels including beginners.

Copper Beech Institute
Phone: 860.760.9750 | Fax: 860.521.1929
303 Tunxis Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Video series about contemplation starts August 15

Contemplative Journal hosts a 3-part video series about soul-centered contemplation with Thomas Moore starting Monday 15 August, 2016. The series is $29.95 on Ruzuku and must be paid through Paypal.

Part I Soulful Contemplation: The Basics – It’s important to tap into the soul when practicing the contemplative life, and Moore will explore the basics of the soul in video one.
Part II  Practicing Dream & Art – A practice of dream work can help one reach the level of depth needed for a soul-oriented contemplative life. Closely related are the images of art. Moore will unpack these concepts in his second video.
Part III A Contemplative Way of Life – Contemplative practices are one thing, but a seriously contemplative way of life is another. Moore breaks down tangible, everyday contemplative practices to deepen one’s soulful life.

Bonuses include:
*A downloadable workbook with the video series.
*Thomas Moore will personally answer participants' questions via email for one week after the launch of the series.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

5th annual James Hillman Symposium in October

The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture hosts The 5th Annual James Hillman Symposium on Friday 28 October and Saturday 29 October, 2016. This year's theme is Alchemical Psychology:
“It is not the literal return to alchemy that is necessary but a restoration of the alchemical mode of imagining. For in that mode we restore matter to our speech – and that is our aim: the restoration of imaginative matter, not of literal alchemy."
— James Hillman, Alchemical Psychology 
Thomas Moore is a featured speaker at this event and a Fellow of the Dallas Institute.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our diaita* needs to nourish body, soul and spirit

Read "The Soul Diet" by Thomas Moore at Patheos. In this blog post he explores our associations with food and eating. Moore states:
"Maybe weight loss isn’t just about exercise and kind of food we eat. Maybe it’s about how we are in life, again what mythology underlies our approach to everything. I have the fantasy that some people can’t lose weight because they, men and women, are habitually maternal in their relationships. A pregnant woman gains weight for the new being in her; maybe we maternal types keep weight on for the same reason. The more the mother complex dominates, the more difficult it is to lose weight. We 'mothers' diet strenuously, but maybe we really need to explore other ways to be in the world." 
He stresses, "A human being is made up of body, soul and spirit, all overlapping and mutually dependent elements. Any diet that doesn’t take all three into consideration is not a diet for humans but for soulless bodies. If that’s the situation, there isn’t much chance for a healthy outcome."

*Diet, from Greek diaita, originally "way of life"

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Less emphasis on believing, more focus on relating

Join Thomas Moore for one week next month at Omega Institute to explore A Religion of One’s Own: Creating a Spirituality of the Heart.
When: July 10-15, 2016
Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Course: SM16-2805-600
Tuition: $475
"Through engaging discussions, meditations, and exercises, you examine ways to develop and maintain an engaged inner life, infused with a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and reflection. Learn to integrate more contemplation, transcendence, and spiritual practice into your everyday world. Address fundamental questions and face today’s unique personal and global challenges with a creative approach that emphasizes a true spirituality of the heart." 
This program is part of Omega's Retreat Week.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moore explores aging with soul in new workshop

Before St. Martin's Press publishes Thomas Moore's new book Aging with Soul in 2017, Moore offers a weekend workshop at Kripalu Center on this theme, Aging with Soul from 18 November to 20 November, 2016 with Nancy Slonim Aronie.

Two recent blog posts by Moore with Patheos at Soul & Spirit are "The Calm Terrorist" and "Deep Religion with a Touch of Atheism".

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Do you dream of bondage or have power issues?

Thomas Moore updates his Soul & Spirit blog at Patheos with today's post "Of Human Bondage" that refers to a passage in his book, Dark Eros: The Imagination of Sadism (1990). His response to the quoted passage includes:
"Today we wonder why employees go berserk and shoot their employers or fellow workers or why students shoot up our schools. It makes no sense. Why these places where such good things are happening?  But of course these very places are scenes of bondage and cutting criticism every day.
I like to distinguish between sadistic and Sadean. Sadean is simply the law of life by which we suffer for our own good and inflict pain on others for their well being. A surgeon and a dentist don’t hesitate to examine and puncture our bodies, though they do try to alleviate the pain as much as possible. Teachers make us read things we’d never read otherwise and take exams and be graded and pay a good price for it all.
But this Sadeian aspect of every part of life can easily slip over into excessive, unnecessary and punitive suffering. Teachers, parents and even doctors can lose sight of what they’re doing and become sadistic, satisfying some deep urge in themselves to inflict pain. Each of us has to be alert to this tendency to become the source of pain that appears when we have gone too far, crossed a line, and moved from otherwise creative and acceptable suffering to actual cruelty."
U.S. elections
Moore cautions, "I’m writing this at a time of national elections. Here, too, we have to be cautious lest our natural and creative instinct to subject ourselves to a good leader slips into a masochistic desire to be manipulated. We might enjoy hearing a candidate express his tough intentions because neurotically we feel a need to be controlled and perhaps abused. These issues are so subtle that they can be in full bloom without our ever suspecting them."

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark's gospel stories full of mystery and fantasy

In his recent Patheos blog post, "Our Father in the Sky", Thomas Moore writes about his forthcoming The Book of Mark, published by Skylight Paths, available 1 October 2016:
"I have just finished my final revision of the Book of Mark and found the work even more exciting than Matthew. I discover new ideas every day in bold, imaginative theologians and literary critics. But as I write, I try to keep my own vision in mind and in the forefront. I’m speaking more about the commentary than the translation.

Mark has so much mystery and fantasy in his stories that I can’t wait to see my English version of his magical vision in print. Maybe that sounds rather egocentric, but it’s more the excitement of a translator. Translating can be a deeply fulfilling activity. The focus is on words, and if you love words, as I do, you enjoy shaping your words so that the original text can sing."
Pre-order now through

GOSPEL The Book of Mark: A New Translation with Commentary, Jesus Spirituality for Everyone
Author: Thomas Moore
Length: 176 pages
SkyLight Paths
Available: 1
October 2016   

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Moore offers fresh gospel translations for our times

Thomas Moores adds the post "Our Father in the Sky" to his blog Soul & Spirit at Patheos in which he describes translating the four gospels published by Skylight Paths Publishing in Vermont. GOSPEL The Book of Matthew is available now. A manuscript for The Book of Mark is complete. Moore writes:
"I had two primary goals in translation: one, to put certain key terms into fresh English words that I consider more accurately reflect the Greek terms and the spirit of the gospel; and two, to use simple, graceful, flowing English that is neither at all archaic sounding nor too modern colloquial.
It would take too many words to describe the gist of my approach, but let me just say that you won’t find certain familiar words, such as heaven, sin, truth or repent, or phrases such as raise the dead or even heal the sick."
Readers may also enjoy Moore's book, Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels (2009) published by Hay House.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Read Moore's initial blog posts at Patheos today

Today Thomas Moore inaugurates his blog, Soul & Spirit at Patheos with three posts:
"I’ve Been Called the “Soul Man” — Hello!"
"Genius Loci"
"Do Monks Have Sex?"

His introduction includes influences, teachers and traditions that infuse his views. He writes: "... I learn from the Gospels to use friendship at all its levels as the basis for interactions. I write from a beating heart and a fully engaged mind, aiming for words that are neither too heady nor too emotional. I hope to show you some of the portals to the holy that I have discovered in my life and in my studies, and I’d like to portray as well as I can how to live a life that is teeming with both soul and spirit."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meet Thomas Moore in Seattle, WA this October

Seattle First Baptist Church and Elliott Bay Book Company co-sponsor Thomas Moore's evening at the church starting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday 24 October, 2016 to talk about Aging with Soul. Scroll down this linked page for confirmation of this free event.

Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Ave.
Seattle, Washington 98122

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moore offers "Finding ground for your spirituality"

If you plan to be near Manchester, Connecticut on Saturday 11 June, 2016 register now for Thomas Moore's free lecture and discussion Finding Ground for Your Spirituality, starting at 7:00 p.m. This opportunity is presented by Saint Francis Hospital's Pastoral Counseling Training Program under the direction of Dr. Marcus M. McKinney.


153 West Vernon St.
Manchester, CT 06040.
Rev. Josh Pawelek, Pastor
To register please call (860) 646-5151 to leave your name and contact information. Seating is limited.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Thomas Moore to write new column at Patheos

This week in his Wake Up column at Patheos, "A 10-step guide to being 'spiritual but not religious'" Tom Rapsas shares Thomas Moore's keys for practising a religion of one's own. Moore initially posted these points on his own blog as "A Religion of One's Own", on 9 September 2013. According to Rapsas and Patheos, Thomas Moore soon writes a column called Soul & Spirit in its Spirituality Channel.

"If you are one of the many who consider themselves 'spiritual but not religious', this book is a must-read as it lays out a blueprint by which you can develop your own spiritual practice. This is important because if you are truly serious about your spirituality, a regular routine can enrich your spiritual awareness and strengthen your faith. This practice doesn’t just replace religion, it becomes your religion and an integral part of your life."
— Tom Rapsas

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Gospels show us how to live deeply and lovingly

"My intention ... is to release the Gospels from their narrow confinements and show how valuable they are today to anyone at all looking for insight into how to live deeply and lovingly." — Thomas Moore 
The Hingham Journal posts "Thomas Moore to speak May 12" for readers to attend Thomas Moore's free presentation at Glastonbury Abbey on Thursday 12 May starting at 7:15 p.m. He talks about his new book GOSPEL The Book of Matthew: A New Translation with Commentary, Jesus Spirituality for Everyone. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-seated basis in the Morcone Center, formerly the Glastonbury Abbey Conference Center, 20 Hull St., Hingham, Massachusetts. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Glastonbury Abbey hosts Thomas Moore, May 12

Editor's Note: New start time.
On Thursday 12 May 2016, from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Meet Thomas Moore at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Moore's latest book is GOSPEL The Book of Matthew: A New Translation with Commentary, Jesus Spirituality for Everyone.

"He will discuss his new book GOSPEL The Book of Matthew: A New Translation with Commentary. With brand new language, Moore highlights a powerful call for change. The Gospels are often read as moralistic codes that produce guilt and fear. As a result of this strict perception, the use of these texts has often been limited to a Christian audience. However, the Gospels have a message for anyone interested in enriching their lives. Moore offers the Gospels as a passport to a way for the future — not a belief system or a church or a religion, but a way of being in the world, open and accepting." Glastonbury Abbey May Newsletter

Abbey Conference Center
Glastonbury Abbey
16 Hull Street
Hingham, Massachusetts 02043
Contact: 781-749-2155 ext. 300

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moore talks of spirit, soul, religion, trust, nature

Watch Bonnie Bright, founder of Depth Psychology Alliance and a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute, interview Thomas Moore: Spirit, Soul, and the Secular for the Institute. This half-hour Skype video, uploaded 23 March 2016, touches on shared interests and key ideas in Moore's new book, A Religion of One's Own.

In the blog post related to this video, Bright writes, "I felt a growing realization as Thomas talked about being human, a reminder that the root of the word human is related to humus which is related to the earth itself. There is no “inside” and “outside,” just as Thomas said. Everything is connected. When I mentioned this to him, he reminded me that James Hillman, with whom Moore was friends for 38 years, believed that soul is in everything."

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Register to watch Moore's panel at Omega Institute

While at Omega Institute for his workshop A Religion of One's Own during retreat week, July 10-15, 2016, Thomas Moore participates in the panel discussion Meeting Fear with Love on Wednesday 13 July:
"Fear can sink our dreams and shrink our lives. It can bring out the worst in us. It can make us sick. But what is the antidote?
Join best-selling author of Care of the Soul Thomas Moore, prolific author and activist Andrew Harvey, and Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser for a discussion on how we each can harness the power of love to cut through the paralysis of fear — both personal fear and the collective fear that is so present in today's world."
Register now to watch this Live Streaming video event by clicking the linked page for the panel discussion.
This live video event starts at 6:00 p.m. EST and ends at 10:00 p.m. EST. It will be archived and available for on-demand viewing.

Play golf with Moore in Ireland this September

Specialty Golf Trips offers Golf with a Soul Retreat from Monday 12 September to Saturday 17 September, 2016 with Thomas Moore in South West Ireland. This event includes stops at:
Waterville Links
Tralee Golf Club
Dooks Golf Club

For more information email:

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Enjoy Benedictine hospitality with Thomas Moore

Glastonbury Abbey hosts a Meet Thomas Moore evening on Thursday 12 May 2016 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Abbey Conference Center.
Contact: 781 749-2155 ext. 300
for information.
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Glastonbury Abbey
16 Hull Street
Hingham, Massachusetts 02043

Share a day with Thomas Moore in New York City

Thomas Moore offers two half-day workshops at New York Open Center on Saturday 4 June, 2016.

Care of the Soul in Practice 
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Members: $50 / Nonmembers: $75
"Care of the soul is a process that unveils the deep originality of a life and personality. In this workshop, which celebrates 25 years since the publication of Care of the Soul, we look for ways to be responsive and creative in the process of becoming a real person capable of creative work and loving relationships."

The Hidden Plot: The Deep Narrative of Your Life 
2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Members: $50 / Nonmembers: $75
"It helps to know the hidden plot because it shows where you are heading and the obstacles that tend to block your progress. The hidden plot offers deeper self-knowledge. This workshop helps you understand how the hidden plot works in general and how in particular it plays a role in your life."

New York Open Center, 22 East 30th Street,
New York City,  New York 10016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Open to the mysteries without need for explanation

Listen to Thomas Moore deeply respond to Tami Simon's questions in their conversation Standing for the Spiritual, in a Secular World dated Sunday 10 April, 2016. Moore has worked with Simon's company Sounds True on a variety of projects over a long period of time — Sounds True recently released Moore's 6-CD learning program, A Personal Spirituality: Finding Your Own Way to a Meaningful Life. Simon addresses this program's themes while also asking questions based on Moore's recent book A Religion of One's Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World.

Moore talks about:
— articulating where you are before making a major change
— spirituality as transcending what we can see, measure or control
— living in a broad range of time, not just "now"
— knowing the necessity of betrayal/ transgression to mature
— the Jesus teaching to love people not in your circle
— the courage to take a stand

This podcast is approximately 68 minutes.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Embrace aging as a natural process with insights

Thomas Moore teams up with Nancy Slonim Aronie to present the weekend program Aging with Soul at Kripalu Center, from Friday Nov. 18 to Sunday Nov. 20, 2016. According to the description:
"No matter how old — or young — you are, there’s still time to transform the way you think about aging. Getting older can be a soul-changing experience, a lifelong journey of discovery in which you move toward greater fulfillment and self-realization. This weekend, we look at aging in a whole new light, and discover it can be so much more than merely piling up the years and the physical changes they bring. Thomas Moore’s paradigm-shifting teachings, based on his forthcoming book, Aging with Soul, are enhanced by writer and NPR commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie, who offers evocative writing prompts and shares poetry by Peggy Freydberg, who began writing poems at age 90."
"This multigenerational workshop is for everyone; bring your parents or adult children. When you cultivate both the spirit of youth and the advantages of getting older, you benefit in every aspect of your life."
Tuition: $275.00
Cost for room and meals is based on your accommodation selection.

"Recognize aging as a process through which you become a more interesting, emotionally intelligent, sensitive, wiser, and more creative person."